Monday, June 2, 2014

10 foot Strides

Here're some photos from my first day with my new toy. I ordered a nimbus nightfox 36 in hopes of doing some unicycle touring on it this summer, specifically the goal is a 100 mile one day ride out to the boiling river in Yellowstone.

Some initial thoughts:
  • It starts, stops, and turns slower than a 24. Specifically the stopping was a bit surprising.
  • The top speed on the outer hole of the cranks seems to be about 10 miles an hour. Perfect for touring (I hope.)
  • The handlebars make a world of difference. I rode 25 miles without them and was pretty sore, with them on it feels like you could ride forever.
  • Disc brakes are different to set up. I'm going to swing by Altercycles this afternoon and get some help tweaking them.
  • People still love a guy on a unicycle. My first stoplight experience ended with me landing on the hood of a Subaru (hopping is different). The owner's reaction was "I love your unicycle".