Sunday, April 3, 2011

Joshua Tree

Spring break came and went way too quickly. Leigh, Adam and I went to Joshua Tree mostly to climb, sadly there are no climbing pictures, a testament to how much fun we had. We did manage to get a mess of uni pictures, mostly because Leigh is a great sport.
Leigh along a lonely stretch of road by Amboy.
She's trying to hide her phone so you can't see she's texting in the desert
Adam and I along that same piece of nowhere.
Split Rocks In Joshua Tree.
Riding some classic slab.
Picnic table...
Adam's second ride, the first pictures didn't come out.
Huntington beach, too foggy to see much.
This camera works better underwater.
More anemones.
 Decisions were made at Laguna Beach.
 We found this random trail above Laguna.
 Awesome hills.
The ocean is in the background.
 Aren't the thistles nice? Yes, all those ferns are thistles.
 I'm pretty sure this is what these are here to prevent.
Leigh and Loki driving us home.